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The Micro One
Tom Williamson, Ident Computer
Monday 19th September 2016, 7:45pm

This month we have a new arrival on the RISC OS hardware scene in the form of Tom Williamson of Ident Computer, with another new computer - The Micro One. (NB. those pages require Javascript ON in NetSurf)

Based around the Raspberry Pi and supplied in kit form, it is at the cheaper end of the range but still provides a very capable all-in-one RISC OS system.

Tom is making the long trip down from Shrewsbury and will talk about how he is using BBC Micros and RISC OS computers in education in 2016, the successes he's had, and the fleet of computers that travel to schools and shows.

The Micro One will be on show during the talk for people to play with. We'll be looking at some of the features, running RISC OS 3.1 for 26bit software, using MS DOS and Windows 3.1, and running BBC and ZX Spectrum games as well.

Tom will be taking preorders for the kits ahead of the London Show. This is a chance claim a unit in the colour trim of your choice, as stock is going to be very limited and might be down to a few units by the time of the show itself.

Picture of The Micro One in green