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Otter browser and other ports
Chris Gransden
Monday 17th April 2017, 7:45pm

Chris Gransden has ported a number of programs from Linux to RISC OS, most notably the Otter web browser. This has been a significant development as it has made many more websites accessible from RISC OS.

Chris will be telling us about how these ports are done, what else he has been working on, and what improvements are to come.

He will also be giving us a sneak look at some currently unreleased ports using the Khronos OpenGL graphics library with hardware acceleration on the Raspberry Pi.

(Note: this meeting is on bank holiday Monday. This is an opportunity for those who can't normally get to the meetings due to work, or are put off by travelling through the rush hour, to come along! ROUGOL's venue is only a short walk from many major attractions, such as The Tower of London, Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast, The Globe Theatre and Tate Modern, so why not do some sightseeing then finish off the day with a meal and some RISC OS chat? :-)