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David Lane
Monday 16th July 2018, 7:45pm

DrawScript is a programming (or script) language for producing line-drawings in Draw format. The language used is BASIC extended with extra graphics commands. DrawScript is capable of producing much more elaborate drawings than could be created manually only using a mouse, as shown by the examples in the DrawScript gallery.

David will describe in more detail what DrawScript is and what it does, demonstrating some simple examples that come with the software as well as some of his own programs. Uses of DrawScript will be given and some bugs discussed. DrawScript and BASIC programs that relate to one of the many proofs of the rectangular tiling theorem will be demonstrated.

No preparation or knowledge of DrawScript is necessary as all will be explained. If, however, you have the program (download here) you are encouraged to experiment and suggest your own uses.

A question from David: Can you get DrawScript to produce more than one Draw file from one program? David has also suggested that everyone brings a pencil and paper to draw diagrams!

Here are David's web references on DrawScript and the Rectangular Tiling Theorem mentioned during the presentation.