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Matthew and Peter Howkins
Monday 18th June 2018, 7:45pm

RPCemu is the free, open source, RiscPC emulator available for use on Windows and Linux systems. Originally developed by Sarah Walker, it has been maintained by brothers Matthew and Peter Howkins for almost 10 years and is now able to support all versions of RISC OS from 3.50 to 6.20, and even the unreleased Phoebe version 3.80!

This year saw the release of version 0.9.0. Despite the small change in version number, this is a very significant release that has seen some major under the hood changes. Chief among those is the move away from using the old unsupported Allegro4 graphics/sound library to using Qt5. This enables the Windows and Linux versions to share a common and much improved user interface, reducing the support overhead.

Matthew and Peter will be talking about those changes, other recent improvements to the ARM and hardware emulation, and what their plans are for future versions on the road to the mythical version 1.00...

Download copies of Peter's slides about previous developments and Matthew's slides about future plans.