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3D Graphics and Sound
Anthony Bartram, AMCOG Games
Monday 21st January 2019, 7:45pm

Since Tony's last visit to ROUGOL, a mere 18 months ago, he has released two more original games for RISC OS. As with all his games they feature original music tracks and are written in BBC BASIC with full source supplied.

This month's meeting will mainly focus on Island of the Undead, which was Tony's first game to feature 3D vector graphics, requiring additional routines to be added to the AMCOG Development kit. Tony will be talking about features such as:

He will also discuss how he adapted the 360 degree motion from Island of the Undead for his latest game Stunt Drivers, and the somewhat "scalatrix" approach to the computer controlled cars in the game.

If there is still time, there will also be news on the next update to the free sound synthesiser RDSP (RISC OS Digital Signal Processor), which is hoped to include reverb/overdrive effects and a recording facility, as it heads towards a formal release of version 1.0.