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Virtual Shows
Bryan Hogan, London show organiser
Monday 18th March 2019, 7:45pm

This month we will be discussing the hot topic of the future of RISC OS shows and user groups.

Chris Evans recently raised the idea on the ROOL forum of virtual RISC OS shows. This might be a website that would go live at a specified time, and would include pre-recorded and live talks, Q&A sessions (text or video?) and product announcements and special offers.

This would save exhibitors time and money that could be put back into RISC OS development, and it would be far more accessible to users scattered around the country/world who are not able to make it to a physical show. It might also catch the attention of a (younger?) audience who would not otherwise get to hear about RISC OS.

In a related discussion about recording/live streaming user group meetings, it was suggested that user groups should just be social get togethers rather than having speakers, and we should be trying to get recorded interviews on YouTube instead so that they can be seen by a wider audience. While having more RISC OS related content on YouTube sounds like a good idea, would this result in the death of user groups?

So come along to prove that ROUGOL meetings are very much alive(!), and put forward your thoughts and ideas for the future of RISC OS shows.