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Cloverleaf and ChatCube
Stefan Fröhling
Monday 17th August 2020, 7:45pm

This month we are delighted to have Stefan Fröhling joining us all the way from Thailand to tell us all about the Cloverleaf project and give a demo of their first product, the instant messenger program ChatCube.

Set up just over a year ago, Cloverleaf's primary goal is a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to develop those applications that are missing from the RISC OS portfolio, as well as updating the OS where required.

They also aim to release a series of machines based around the Rockchip RK3399 processor, featuring a 2GHz ARM A72 core which would make them the fastest RISC OS systems available. The machines will range from an entry level mini system up to an all in one desktop and a laptop. You can vote here on the type of machine you would like to see developed.

Alongside the Zoom discussions we will also have chat going on in ChatCube, so why not download it beforehand and join the meeting from RISC OS too!

This meeting was held online via Zoom. There is a report on The Icon Bar, and a recording of it can be watched on YouTube.