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RISC OS Developments Ltd News
Richard Brown
Monday 20th January 2020, 7:45pm

To kick off the new decade and our new venue, we are delighted to welcome along Richard Brown of RISC OS Developments Ltd to give us the latest news on their, well, developments.

Probably of primary interest to current RISC OS users is progress on the web browsers, OWB and Iris. Currently available to subscribers to beta test, the latest versions will be available for everyone to try out, and Richard can update us on plans for their general release.

Among several other projects announced at last year's London Show were plans to produce a ROD branded SD card image for the Raspberry Pi, with a wider selection of bundled software to improve the experience for new users. There will be a chance to discuss what is/should be in this bundle, and maybe have a sneak peak.

There was also news of the RISC OS Direct series of videos for YouTube to be produced by WiFi Sheep, and the taking on of Impression development. Richard is happy to answer questions on any/all of these topics, and talk about Orpheus Internet too.

Bring along your questions and enthusiasm, and help to make a good impression on our new hosts!

There is a report of this meeting on The Icon Bar.