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Software Testing
Monday 17th May 2021, 7:45pm

Following on from last year's very well received talk about Building RISC OS Online, Gerph will be making a welcome return to talk about how the build service can be used to help with software testing.

Gerph cares that systems are well designed and tested, and that developers get useful feedback on failures. However this is often difficult on "classic" RISC OS, due to lack of suitable tools and system instability. Helping with this is one of the goals of RISC OS Pyromaniac.

Gerph will be talking about the principles of testing levels (unit - system and customer testing), and why we do it, and then starting out with theoretical examples for an application, before moving on to a concrete discussion of a tiny section of Edit. He will cover a really basic example, and follow this with a more involved example of how to make tests for a module.

You can follow the discussions that prompted this meeting on this thread on the ROOL forum. Gerph is also looking for feedback and has put up an online survey.

There is a report on The Icon Bar, the slides can be viewed/downloaded here,