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Lockdown Diversions
Terry Swanborough
Monday 21st February 2022, 7:45pm

During lockdown Terry decided to write some games, both as a challenge and also simply as a break from his usual programming work at MB Electronics. At this month's meeting he will tell us about how he went about producing them, the issues he found along the way, and give some example code to show the main parts you need to produce smooth game animation.

All three of the games he has produced - Munchy, StarGate, and Decrypt - can be downloaded from the RISC OS section of Terry's website.

If there is time, Terry can also give an update on RiscPCB, his printed circuit board designer that he previously demonstrated way back at ROUGOL's March 2016 meeting.

This will be our first meeting in two years with an in-person speaker. Please come along to join us for a drink, a high score battle, and actual face to face chat!

After the meeting Terry made the slides and demo programs available to download. There is a report on The Icon Bar.