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RISC OS 35th birthday celebrations
Liam Proven + special guests from Acornsoft
Monday 20th June 2022, 7:45pm

This month is the 35th anniversary of the release of the Archimedes, and hence RISC OS (Arthur), so we will be having a birthday celebration :-)

Our host for the evening will be journalist Liam Proven who will be chatting with some special guests from the original RISC OS development team to look back at those exciting times and how things have evolved in the many years since then.

Update: The special guests from the Acornsoft team will include Paul Fellows, Stuart Swales, Richard Manby, and Tim Dobson. Others may join us if their schedules allow...

This meeting was held online via Zoom. There is a report on The Icon Bar, the story written up by Liam on The Register, and a recording of it can be watched on YouTube.