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Right On Commander
Mark Moxon, ex-editor Acorn User
Monday 21st November 2022, 7:45pm

Many RISC OS users will remember Mark Moxon as the editor of RISC User and then Acorn User, before he moved on to a very successful career as a web and app developer. However recently he has returned to his first love of playing with the BBC Micro!

Starting during lockdown, Mark has spent the last couple of years pulling apart the code of classic BBC Micro games Elite, Aviator, and Revs, and describing in detail how they work, with many deep-dives into the more intricate routines. He has even added enhancements to some of them, such as flicker free drawing in Elite, and extra tracks for Revs.

His latest project is the Elite Universe Editor which enables you to position all the ships, missiles, and asteroids around your ship, configure their speed/direction, and even set their AI model, and then play out the scenario. He has also recently shown a video of Elite running entirely in teletext mode! Come along to the meeting for the chance to be one of the first to try playing it.

Mark will be joining us in the pub to talk about how (and why!) he has achieved these amazing feats, and tell us a bit about his time at Acorn User and his history with Acorn computers.

Note: this meeting was in-person only, no Zoom session this month. There is a report on The Icon Bar with some nice photos.