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Mission Briefing



DATE:   Saturday 29th October 2022
SUBJECT:   Science Fiction - Voyage to the Edge of Imagination
PRESENTER:   ALANN - ALgorithmic Artificial Neural Network
TIME:   3.00pm (although ROUGOL members will start gathering for takeoff from 2.45pm)
Dinner and drinks, 6.30pm in the Petworth Room at the Duke of Sussex pub.
VENUE:   Science Museum, Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 2DD
DESTINATION:   Out of this world!

With no London Show this year, ROUGOL will instead be doing the next best thing and boldly going where no user group has gone before, by taking a trip into space. We will be gathering at the Science Museum to board a shuttle for the short flight to the Starship Azimuth, where our AI guide ALANN will be showing us the artefacts collected while studying planet Earth and its inhabitant's mysterious interest in science fiction.

To join us, book your tickets here for the 3pm takeoff (if that is full, go for 2.45 or 3.15, as we can meetup in the starship). Don't forget to also book your museum entry ticket - you can arrive earlier to explore their many earthbound exhibits.

On our return to Earth (there is a 99.98% chance of a safe landing) we will pay a visit to see the golden BBC Micro and watch the video of Sophie Wilson and Hermann Hauser talking about the creation of the ARM processor. We will then head off to our usual venue of the Duke of Sussex pub, upstairs in the Petworth Room, for some much needed food and drinks. Feel free to join us for dinner even if you can't make it to the afternoon's escapades.

If you are planning on joining our expedition, please drop us an email so we have a rough idea of numbers, but do book your own tickets for the voyage of a lifetime!

this won't involve any probing