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RISC OS Developments news
Richard Brown and Andrew Rawnsley
Monday 16th January 2023, 7:45pm

For the first meeting of 2023 we will be having a fully hybrid meeting, with both speakers and audience being half online and half in person!

We will be joined in the pub by Richard Brown and on Zoom by Andrew Rawnsley, as the dynamic duo bring us the latest news on RISC OS Developments projects. This will include the Iris web browser, Pinboard2, TCPIP stack, and anything else they have up their sleeves.

They will no doubt also update us on what to expect to see at the RISC OS SouthWest Show which will be taking place on Saturday 25th February 2023.

Not a ROD project, but as an added incentive to come to the pub Richard will be bringing along his Pinebook Pro for everyone to have a play with.