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Sine Nomine Software
Matthew and Hilary Phillips
Monday 17th July 2023, 7:45pm

This month we were joined, online from Durham, by Hilary and Matthew Phillips of Sine Nomine Software.

Their most famous application is probably RiscOSM. While most people will know it for its vector map display, at which it excels, it is capable of so much more. They will take us through some of its lesser known and more advanced features, including showing how to interact with it from your own programs.

Sine Nomine have themselves produced several addon programs that tie in with RiscOSM. These include Recce which displays location based information, AtoB for route planning, and BusWatch for live tracking of bus routes.

The final(?) part of the RiscOSM family is Nominatim. This application does place and building name lookups on behalf of other programs. This can be done via the command line, wimp messages, or by using it as a plugin. In this latter case Nominatim can embed its lookup field within another program's window, adding its powerful location features seamlessly to that applcation.

As if that wasn't enough, there have also been recent updates to the Impact database, mail merger ImpEmail, and printing tool DrawPrint. Sine Nomine will be happy to answer questions about these and any of their applications for what should be a fascinating evening.

This is a hybrid meeting so you can join us in the pub (the best option!) or online. Those coming to the pub can arrive from 6.30pm for pre-meeting food, drinks and chat, while the Zoom meeting will open at 7.30pm.

You can read a meeting report on The Icon Bar.