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MetaSprite, IFR, and more
Monday 20th March 2023, 7:45pm

Nemo has been in and out of the RISC OS world for many years, but even when keeping his head down he has continued to use RISC OS daily on VirtualRPC, and has developed many useful tools, patches, and upgrades for the OS. Recently he has been been working on a reimplementation (and enhancement) of RISC OS Select's Image File Rendering (IFR) system. It is not ready for release yet, but some of the related tech is already available and will be demonstrated during the meeting.

Nemo will take us on a journey through MetaSprite, CompressedImage, IFR, and the new Qoi lossless compression bitimage format, which are all connected via RISC OS tech. In other words they're not just things running on RO, but are woven into RO at the API level. CompressedImage sits on SpriteV, uses MetaSprite + another interface to recognise (and generalise) Acorn's sprite compression scheme which it implements via IFR that, in the example case, allows a Qoi-compressed sprite to be displayed, gamma-corrected by interrogating the Monitor module. (That will all make more sense by the end of the meeting!)

You can read about and download some of Nemo's projects here.

Note: This meeting was online only due to refurbishment work at our venue.