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ARX, Arthur and RISC OS
Paul Fellows, development team leader at Acorn
Monday 15th October 2012, 7:45pm

Paul Fellows worked for Acorn from 1983 to 1987, having previously had published a number of software titles for the BBC Micro. Initially Paul worked on developing programming language systems, including Pascal, Logo, Forth and C.

Then in 1986 when the originally planned operating system for the new Archimedes machines, ARX, was taking too long to complete, he was put in charge of the team given the task of developing an alternative. This was the OS that was to become Arthur/RISC OS.

Paul will tell us how that came about and what happened to the ARX operating system, amongst other tales from the early days of our favourite OS.

After leaving Acorn Paul went on to work on the Genesis multimedia system at Oak Solutions and on Fireworkz for Colton Software, and is now CEO of Kynesim.

A full transcript of this meeting is here.

Paul gave a version of this talk at an online ABUG meeting in 2020. Watch the video here.