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Recoding the Classics
Jeroen Vermeulen
Monday 17th January 2022, 7:45pm

Over the past 18 months Jeroen Vermeulen has ported the five games from the Raspberry Pi book Code the Classics across to RISC OS. By using the original sound and graphics resources produced for the book he has been able to produce very highly polished games in a short space of time. Jeroen will be joining us via Zoom to tell us how and why these ports were produced.

For the first two games the Python/Pygame code used in the book was converted into BBC BASIC with the help of the AMCOG Development Kit. Jeroen will talk about how this was achieved and some of the issues/compromises that had to be made.

After Python3 and Pygame were ported to RISC OS by Chris Johns, the original code from the book could be used for the other games. However there was still some porting work to do due to the differences in OS environment, and Jeroen will go through the changes needed (this section should be helpful to anyone trying to run Python code from other platforms).

There will also be a look at how to setup all the components needed to get Python3/Pygame working on RISC OS and some comparisons of the performance between the BASIC/Python and RISC OS/Linux versions of the games.

All Jeroen's ports are available on PlingStore, and hopefully by the end of the talk you will be encouraged to not only give the games a play, but maybe also be inspired to try writing/porting some games of your own!

As revealed in the report on The Icon Bar we were also joined by Raspberry Pi supremo Eben Upton, much to Jeroen's surprise!